Excluding Links

I am trying to build a Del.icio.us plugin, and for some reason the links within delicious keep showing up the results. Here are my qualifiers:


And here’s a list of results:

Also, even excluding internal delicious links, I somehow end up with a lot more results in DA than delicious provides. I get 33 in DA, 13 in delicious. Is DA going deeper into the pages and following links from there?

Please check that the “Follow Links” option of the search set is disabled (or if you don’t use a search set, the please open the settings drawer of search windows).

  1. Is there a way within the XML to remove spaces for this plugin? Say, for example, I type “john beeler” into DA, but I want DA to search for “johnbeeler” as a delicious tag. ?

  2. Is there a way within the XML to specify whether to follow links? For example, this Delicous plugin will be part of a search set where I usually want DA to follow links - but not with this particular plugin. ?



Just add this to the XML plugin: