Exclusion sets

Sometimes it isn’t practical to split information into multiple databases, and that makes the AI work less efficiently.

“Exclude from classification / see also” seems a way to make the AI focus, so my question / suggestion (if not possible yet) would be to be able to save and load “exclusion sets” by selecting a menu item.

By clicking a “save exclusion set” button, DT would save the exclusions defined at the time for all files / groups in the database. Multiple exclusion sets could be possible.

For example, are the legislation documents interfering with DT AI? You could press a menu item named “load “no legislation” exclusion set” and all legislation documents would have their properties changed to make them be excluded from “see also / classify”. Then AI would work better.

Is this (already) possible in some way?

That’s an interesting concept.

It’s not possible now to do this via “exclusion sets”, but you could always create a Smart Group that locates the documents that your “exclusion set” would include, then select everything (altogether) in that Smart Group, choose Tools > Show Info, and change the Exclude From… settings for all the selected documents in one step. Using a Smart Group, which could be available as a global Smart Group in the global sidebar, or as a Smart Group in single database, might be a better long term solution because maintaining an “exclusion set” would have to be done manually.

Thank you korm,
of course … smart groups! A great way to create “dynamic exclusion sets” for the purpose…
Now perhaps there. may be a way of scripting something to automatically apply “exclude from…” rules to all contents of this smart group … will look into DT applescript.

You can add a script to a smart group – select the Smart Group (do NOT select its contents) and in Show Info for that group press “Select…” next to the Script field and choose a compiled trigger script from the Finder dialog. Here’s an example:

on triggered(gr)
	tell application id "DNtp"
		tell every child of gr
			set exclude from see also to true
			set exclude from classification to true
		end tell
	end tell
end triggered

What I would do would have two instances of the Smart Group and two versions of the script. In one version we “set … to true” and in the other we “set … to false”. The reason for this is that the triggered group is activated as soon as you select that Smart Group. There is no “hello, are you sure?” warning. So you want to be able to toggle your exclusion settings, and so you need an “Exclude On” and “Exclude Off” group. You could do this in a single script that sets “On” when “Off” and vice versa, but that is tricky and so you would also want to toggle the name of the Smart Group and/or its label so you can tell visually if the exclusion toggle is On or Off.

Works perfectly! I was looking into Automator, since there was a “Set Records Attributes” action there, but this is way much more simpler. An “on / off” trigger.

Now I just need to be consistent with the tags use, use them as filters in the smart group(s), and done – one database and the ability to use the A.I. in “loose” or in “tight” mode. Because sometimes we may need a wild guess!

Thank you once again.