EXIF and other media metadata


I have searched the forum but found little response on questions about metadata. This is a pity. Besides horrible iPhoto here are few expensive apps for archiving photos, scans, etc., and it would be great to stay in my familiar DT app for archiving photos.

DT should add the ability to extract metadata from media and integrate them into another tab of its info panel.

Any supporters for this idea?



YES! I would really like to read and write metadata and to search and sort by metadata! Also if you change metadata of linked files it should be possible to export the metadata back to the original files.
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For the time being I set up an environment with indexed files in a photo-database and Graphic Converter to work with metadata, it can modify and search for metadata. GC still surprises me after years with features I never thought of using.

But integration of metadata in DevonThink seems essential. Digital photography is part of our life and work nowadays, isn’t it?


V2 will probably support metadata.

Great news, hopefully, “probably” will become “sure” :smiley: