Expand/collapse one level

This is something I always wanted in DT2, but I might as well put in a pitch fo rit in DT3: instead of being limited to a choice of “expand all” and “collapse all” — neither of which I find useful — it would be nice to have the option to expand/collapse folders to one level in/out: ie, "expand one level” would open the selected folder (or folders) to reveal the folders (and documents) within them; “expand one level” again would open those folders, and so on. Please?

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Thanks for the suggestion, depending on feedback we’ll consider this for future releases.

This would be something I’d use often. Please consider this another vote for a great idea, though using the arrow keys to fold an unfold works well. Along these lines, is there a key command that would allow me to jump from group to group, rather than straight down a file list, using the arrow keys? For instance, the holding the option key while using the up/down arrows navigates from the top to the bottom of a list, but holding the command key doesn’t have any effect. Is there a way I could bind command-up/down arrow to jump to the next group in a list?

No, this isn’t possible.