Expansion of sidebar folders triggered by actions in main window

I noticed that if I double click a top level group in the main window list view it expands the sidebar and shows the group (open in new window is disabled) even if auto expand/collapse is disabled. However, double clicking on groups in the main window in list view below top level does not further expand the sidebar.
On the other hand, clicking on a group in the path bar always expands the side bar completely to show the group.
Is there a way to completely prevent expansion of the sidebar regardless of how I interact with the folders in list view and the path bar or at least create a consistent behavior?
In my personal workflow I only use the sidebar for favorites, database selection and smart group. All navigation happens in the main window. Unfortunately I know have to scroll up the sidebar regularly because my action in the main window or path bar expanded a library and shifted the side bar’s focus.

Is the preference to automatically expand/collapse the sidebar disabled?

It is disabled and I restarted DT. I found out that while to library is collapsed in the sidebar, double-clicking on folders in the main window does not change the sidebar. If the library is already expanded, the sidebar expands and focuses if top level folders are double-clicked in the main window. Single click on a folder in the path bar now always expands and focuses the sidebar.

Same behavior here, always a bit annoying…

The next release will fix this glitch.

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