Expiry date for documents

I’ld like to specify an expiry date for some types of documents. Those documents will be required for a specific time but may be removed after this expiration date.

It would be nice to specify such an expiry date for a document and to use it in intelligent groups to filter for expired content.

It may be useful to specify such a date on a group also, so that documents inside the group derive it.

There was already a similar request in 2006 but I’m not aware of an implementation yet.

Such a feature can help keeping databases clean.

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You might use one of the existing dates (date added, date modified, or date created) – for example in a smart group:

Thanks for the tip, korm!

I’m not sure if that solves my issue. What I would like to have is something like “Expiry date” .

Operator and are available, but seems to work for only, but not for :frowning:

Furthermore using one of the existing dates would force me to modify these for all documents in the database. Otherwise all documents that were not explicitly set would show up in the query.

Do I miss something here?

No, you don’t miss anything. Using an existing date avoids waiting for DEVONtech to modify DEVONthink - which might not happen very quickly :frowning:

Other options - which can be used individually or together:

  • Use tags, which can have any value

  • Use the “Spotlight Comments” field for expiry date and sort your document lists accordingly

  • Put expiry dates into the name of documents (e.g., a string like yyyymmdd, like “20120814”) and write a script that parses document names and labels “old” documents based on age of the date (I use triggered scripts that do exactly this in DEVONthink that tell me when I need to pay attention to certain documents)

Looks like I need to do some scripting then.
Thanks a lot for your thoughts!