Expiry date

Is there any way to set an expiry date in DTPO?
For example, I have some scanned receipts in my database, after a period these will no longer be of use, is there some way I can mark these to ‘expire’ so they will be flagged for deletion or moving after a certain date?


There’s no expiry date. You could consider using a smart group that looks at date created (or date modified), though smart groups do not have robust date selection logic. Or you might file your receipts in a group structure that’s organized by the calendar (such as the groups that you might create using Data > New From Template > Registers…). Or use tags or custom filename prefixes or suffixes. Or write a script, if you’re inclined toward that sort of thing.

Yet, and a search for smart group* date* reveals some of the related suggestions/discussions/workarounds, e.g.:

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Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out