Export all data

What is the best way to export all files in a database?

You can use Edit > Select All in the item list at the root of the database (i.e. in Open Databases), then choose File > Export > Files and Folders. Export to a newly created folder in your chosen location, like the Desktop.

Do the same in the Inbox of the same database in the Globals section.


From time to time, I would like to sync all the objects in DT to my local FileSystem.
(unidirectional DT->FS).

Is this possible with a smart rule? If not, can you tell me, how it could be made?

Thanks a lot.

As there’s no such sync the only possibility would be to export your databases every then and now via File > Export > Files & Folders… (or via AppleScript).

May I ask why?
I’m just curious what the intention is.

I will do the same thing, from time to time, in that I will export an entire database and put those files on an external drive or flash drive. I have a lot of information that I’d like to not lose and archiving it in a form that can be used on any platform is attractive to me. Lately, I’ve been playing around with exporting as a Website, as the index pages make navigating easy.

The only issue with this (Website export) is I can’t export an entire database; I have to select all of the top-level groups and then export. Another issue I’ve noticed is the links aren’t in the same order as displayed in the Db, which can hinder visual cues of where to find something. So for, other than that, I’m liking this as a way to export the information in a usable form. Although I haven’t finished testing exports with all the file formats that I may be using in DT3.

I have to select all of the top-level groups and then export.

Isn’t this functionally the same thing as “exporting an entire database” ?:thinking:

In effect, yes. In simplicity, no. :slightly_smiling_face: