Export all files within specific Group

I have a series of .doc files in one DT group, which I need to encrypt/compress/email.

I have software to perform the encryption/compression. However, given the structure of my DT database, the .doc files are scattered around the finder. Therefore, grabbing 100 to 150 of these and applying encryption/compression is rather challenging.

Is there a way to export a group of files from within DTPO to a new folder in the Finder?


I was a bit confused…

I have been so careful not to drag files from the Finder directly to the Group structure within DTPO (I have been importing from within DT, or dragging files to the Sorter), that I didn’t even think to drag directly out of DTPO directly to the Finder.

Dragged files to Finder, encrypted/compressed, emailed to self, decompressed/decrypted…done!

Please go back to your prior activities.