Export and reimport - don't recognize as duplicates

i exported some rtf files, processed them with Hazel, and then reimported them. Upon reimport about half of them were not recognized as duplicates of the original files. but in DT2 they are recognized as duplicates, which i’d much prefer. any reason for this/anything to do about it? just fyi i have my setting on the less strict interpretation of duplicates.

What exactly did Hazel do?

Renamed and added tags. didn’t change anything in actual doc.

Are the items still located in the same database? Is the word count (see e.g. navigation bar) identical?

Some of them are. And then some of them are three words off exactly.

Do you have the originals before Hazel processed them?

If os, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket and attach an original and processed file with the three word discrepancy. Thanks.

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