Export as template not working?

I am trying to create a simple markdown template from DEVEONthink, using the export menu. It does not make a template file for me. (I also did the same process using a rich text file. It had the same result.)

Here is what I did:

Make a simple markdown file to be used as a template

  • I created a new empty file in a DEVONthink database in markdown format.
  • I added a tag.
  • I added the following to the body of the document.
#  %recordName%

## Links

## Citations

  • I saved the document.
  • I then used the DEVONthink menu item File, Export, as Template....
  • I selected the Toolbar directory as the destination for the template and gave it a name. It saved fine.
  • I then created a new document using that template. The new document was exactly the same as the original markdown source with the exception of the new name.
  • When I examine the newly exported template in the Toolbar directory, I find that is a markdown document rather than a dtTemplate as I would expect.

Have I used this feature incorrectly?

No, that would not create a .dtTemplate.
Exporting an individual document yields a normal document template file.

Okay, thank you.

You’re welcome.