Export as website - Adding menu and tags page

I don’t see this feature getting much attention here. To me, it seems amazing (the fact that DT3 converts all automatic wiki links to actual HTML links is incredible), but I feel like I am still missing its full potential (I am neither an HTML wizard nor HTML deaf, dumb and blind, so this could be the reason. I know more is possible, but not exactly how much more).

Right now I have two questions that are more pressing:

  • I like having a menu on top of my text files for easier navigation. Is there a way to specify the file with the menu and have the template add them to the header of all pages? (I know there are ways around this, but this could simplify things. What I do now is adding it to the top of every md file or to the top of all html files using BBEdit’s search and replace on the folder level.)
  • The tags can be made to show up in the exported website, but they don’t show up as links and there seems to be no tags page. Is there an easy way around this? That is, to create a tags page with links to tagged documents.
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It’s just not possible yet, the website export supports only simple index pages currently.

Thanks for clarifying that, Chris.