Export as Website

I use the Export as Website option of DT to make large amounts of data accessible over the web. In one particular application, I wanted to collect together the census returns for all the police stations of the former Royal Irish Constabulary in Ireland, and to incorporate these into a website. Transcriptions of the census returns for 1911 can be found on the website of the National Archives of Ireland (NAI), with links to the actual digitised images. So my workflow was as follows:

a) for each relevant transcription on the NAI website, I highlighted the key information (which included hyperlinks to the images) and drag-and-dropped this into a DT Pro folder. This created an rtf file in DT Pro with the hyperlinks intact.
b) when I had collected together all the relevant transcriptions for a particular county, I selected the files in the DT Pro folder and ran the DT script Create Index for Select Items. This creates an index.rtf file containing WikiLinks to the files containing the transcriptions.
c) I then re-selected all the files, including the index, and ran File/Export as Website from the DT Pro menu. This converts all the rtf files to html. Opening the index.html file in a browser then shows a hyperlinked list of the transcriptions what were copied into DT Pro.

The final result for County Limerick can be seen at winters-online.net/RIC-Barracks-1911/Limerick/ (note that I have used the v2 feature that allows me to supply my own web template to generate the header and footer)

I repeated this for all the counties and the final site (including a front end not created by DT Pro) is at winters-online.net/RIC-Barracks/
The process is a fast way of compiling and indexing a lot of data for inclusion in a website.

Great example! Thanks.

I looked at one of the old census forms. People had beautiful handwriting back then. :slight_smile: