Export Directories and Content

Usually, I would like to move stuff out of Devonthink into Finder for further archiving (for example year 2009 financial data.

If I choose to drag and drop the folder into Finder, it will create the files and subdirectories structure so it looks OK.
But if I choose select the group and then choose File -> Export -> Files and Folders: it will create similarly a top directory with the subdirectories but each directory has a file named DEVONtech_storage, too :slight_smile:

What is the purpose of that file and why do we have diferent outcomes for a functionality that seems that should have same expected outcome?

Confusing …

The DEVONtech_storage file contains additional metadata that isn’t supported by (all) filesystems and is therefore only useful to import the exported stuff again into DEVONthink.

OK: thanks.

So otherwise, the files should be exactly the same?

Yes. We don’t modify them.