Export don't save

I found at my expenses that if i made changes to a document and exporti it without saving before, DTO exports the old version.

Is this a known behaviour? May i call it a bug?


It’s the normal behavior of the Apple Cocoa text routines used by DEVONthink. The same thing will happen if you use TextEdit.

So just remember to press Command-S to Save, or close the document and confirm Save at the prompt. :slight_smile:

There is one edit mode that doesn’t require an explicit Save operation. If you are editing a text document in the text pane of a view window, e.g. the Three-Panes view, and then switch to a different document, your modified rich text document will be automatically saved with changes.

Sometimes this behavior is useful. I can open a text document in the text pane of a view. I can also open the same document in its own window. Now I have two view of the same document. If I’m looking for a felicitous phrase change I can modify the document in its own window and think about the result – the original in the view window remains unchanged for comparison until I save changes in the open document window.