Export DTPO records as Thoughts for PersonalBrain (6 beta)

This script is for those who might be interested in exporting DTPO records to create “thoughts” in PersonalBrain.

(Please note – it came to my attention this was being modified for commercial purposes, which was not my intent. I removed the script for that reason. If someone needs to see the legacy version of this script, please PM me.)

Fantastic script. I’ve been wondering how to connect these two products, and this definitely is a huge help in doing so. Thanks for posting!

The script is not limited to selecting documents. Groups can be selected and turned into PersonalBrain thoughts. An interesting use for this is to select several tag groups, export to brain xml, and import to PersonalBrain. This results in a set of thoughts, each of which has a link to the tag group. Clicking the link, opens that tag group and the contained documents. This of course works for non-tag groups too.

Forgive me for my ignorance - but I’m fairly new to DTPRO and have zero experience when it comes to scripting or adding scripts. Could you please explain how exactly to add your script to DTPRO and/or PersonalBrain in order to get it to work?


These are all basic scripting skills, which are worth knowing if you are interested in customizing DTPO’s functionality.

  • In the box above that contains the script, click “select all”.
  • Edit > Copy or CMD-C to copy to the clipboard.
  • Open AppleScript Editor on your Machine
  • File > New to create a new, blank script.
  • Edit > Paste or CMD-V to paste the clipboard contents to the new script.
  • In AppleScript Editor click Script > Compile or click Compile in the toolbar
  • If it compiles correctly, save your work to any folder in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts
  • Back in DTPO, click the scripts menu (the little scroll-like icon on the menu bar), choose Update Scripts Menu, then navigate in the scripts menu to the folder where you stored your script and click it.

If it doesn’t compile correctly, there won’t be much I can do to help you. :frowning:

Fantastic - thank you very much!

Just to say…this script appears to work perfectly.
Seriously useful - thank you!

Thanks for making this script. It has been a great help.

Unfortunately, the XML files do not seem to work since upgrading to TheBrain9. When trying to import, I get an error that reads: The file doesn’t match the format. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I would like to request an updated version that works with it.

Ive concluded that it is not worth the time trying to make this work.

But – have at it if anyone wants to try!