Export files and folders

Hope someone can help with this. I’m relatively new to DEVONthink, using the Pro Office version. I’m very happy in general but have one issue. When I try to export as files and folders, using the script in Extras, I get a report on screen with a long list of items that have failed. Looking at this list, they are all (a) PDFs and (b) documents I have scanned and OCRd into DEVONthink. Furthermore, when I go to the export destination in Finder and look at a good sample of the items shown as failed, they are in fact there, intact, in Finder. Odd and troubling.

Can anyone tell me what’s going on? How can I stop DEVONthink reporting these phantom ‘faileds’? Thanks, Simon

Rather than the included script, have you tried using File > Export > Files and Folders in the menu bar?

Thank you for your message. I have tried what you suggested. This still produces a report of a number of failed items. But there seem to be fewer of them. Also, when I search by name for the failed items in the database, in each case, there are two items with that name. Furthermore, when I look at those two items, one is the real file but the other it empty; when I open it, it shows ‘no selection’.

So this helps solve the immediate problem. I just throw the ‘no selection’ copy in the trash. But any ideas why this is happening. And will it go away if I throw ALL the no selection items in the trash?

I suspect database damage. Run Tools > Verify & Repair. If there are errors that cannot be repaired it may be necessary to run Tools > Rebuild Database.

Do you maintain external backups of your databases? I recommend periodic backups, preferably saved on an external medium as protection against hard drive failure, that are produced by File > Export > Database Archive. An archive file is the smallest possible complete copy of the database.

Thanks Bill. I think the databases did get corrupted. Completely uninstalling and then reinstalling DTPO made the whole thing behave predictably. I could then get rid of all the ‘no selection’ items, which was a relief. I still, however, have loads of duplicates and replicants (which I haven’t created deliberately). Is there a way of rid of these en masse safely? Thanks again.

Hi all,

I also use DTOP and I’m searching for a solution for exporting all files and folders via script. So I read here in the first post:

I cannot find this script in my DTOP installation. Where is it? Where can I find it?

Thanks in advanced.