Export Files & Folders greyed out

“Export - Files and Folders” has changed since the last time I used it.

Up to around 3 years ago, I used to select the top level folder in my database and “Export Files and Folders” which gave me the full folder structure with the files in place. I then copied that into a Windows environment for my colleagues to access.

As I can’t get the web server to work right now, I need to fall back to this process.

However, now selecting the top level folder as before gives a greyed out menu except tor database archive.

I need to go into the first sub-folder, and then highlight the subfolders and files within that before I get the menu option to export.

Any idea why this is so? I can work around it, but it takes much more time.

This command requires a selection in the main view.

Ha! Thank you Christian!

I think I must have last done this on v2.….