Export/Import & "DEVONtech_storage"


 The export files/folders feature creates this "DEVONtech_storage" XML document in the process.

 Importing "DEVONtech_storage" seems to nove no function or provides no benefit.

 Can someone fill me in on the details please.

And secondarily while on this subject,

 What is the benefit of the export/import menu item when a drag and drop (out-of or into ) seems to accomplish the exact same thing?


DEVONtech_Storage is a helper file that DT uses if you later import or index the folder to which you did the export. You can delete it safely or ignore it. (I keep a saved search in the Finder sidebar that looks for these files so that I can delete them all.)

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Thanks Korm for the reply,

 Ok, I just did some specific testing on this issue.

 1. Tags are indeed carried along with a 'drag-out' and back with a 'drag-in.' The export feature is not necessary to maintain tags.

 2. The "DEVONtech_Storage" XML carries other info such as the label color, 'flagged' and I suppose other items—which I did not test for.

 3. The "DEVONtech_Storage" document in any particular folder is updated and made current (not replaced) anytime an export is performed. eg. if a single document is exported, the "DEVONtech_Storage" document contains metadata concerning this single document. Then if another export is performed with a new single document (or multiple) to the same Finder folder, then "DEVONtech_Storage" is updated with this new item info in the metadata.

 4. Upon import, if there is a "DEVONtech_Storage" document located in the same Finder location, the metadata is consulted when you import one or more than one previously exported documents or folders. 

 5. Further, if you 'drag–in' instead of using the import feature, then the "DEVONtech_Storage" metadata is also consulted. So, it does not appear necessary to actually use the import feature.

Because I move some Devon Think documents from one system to another system from time–to–time, and because the resulting document ‘attributes’ were not the same, I questioned the use of export/import and this “DEVONtech_Storage” file. But during my tests I found out that my older other version Devon Think doesn’t completely export items in a way that preserves all the info, so when importing to the latest version some info is lost but the document itself is fine) even though the “DEVONtech_Storage” document s created from the older system.

:arrow_right: And, BTW, any tags associated with a document are not kept in “DEVONtech_Storage” with Devon Think version 2.0.5

:exclamation: * I wish:

I need to make these suggestions.

 1. The "DEVONtech_Storage" document should be documented.
 2. The "DEVONtech_Storage" should be used as an import vehicle, such that if it alone is 'dragged-in" or imported, Devon presents you with a list of the documents and folders and allows you to imported all or selected items in that list.
 3. That an option existed to allow deletion of the source material imported.
 4. That upon export, a folder (or package container) was created that contained all of the exported items, instead of just individual documents and the "DEVONtech_Storage" document being dropped into the folder system. However I do see that depending on how one works, the current method may be beneficial too.