Export/Import & "DEVONtech_storage"


Here are some suggestions concerning the Export/Import feature, Drag & drop in–&–out.


 1. The "DEVONtech_Storage" document should be documented.
 2. The "DEVONtech_Storage" should be used as an import vehicle, such that if it alone is 'dragged-in" or imported, Devon presents you with a list of the documents and folders and allows you to imported all or selected items in that list.
 3. That an option existed to allow deletion of the source material imported including the "DEVONtech_Storage" document.
 4. That upon export, a folder (or package container) was created that contained all of the exported items, instead of just individual documents and the "DEVONtech_Storage" document being dropped into the folder system. However I do see that, depending on how one works, the current method may be beneficial too.
  1. Add a .plist extension to them.