Export multiple documents to PDF with TOC

I have a number of PDF files that are a result of a query / smart-folder search. I’d like to export all of these pages to a single PDF (which can be done) but I’d also like to have a table of contents at the beginning of the exported document that has links to the individual sub-documents.

My specific example, is I have a bunch of music charts, one per song in a folder that I want to export to a single PDF with a TOC for use on an iPad. (The iPad does not have DTTG since it is tied to a different account)

DEVONthink does not generate a table of contents in a PDF. It only supports displaying and using one, if present in the file.

You could select files in a location and use Tools > Create Table of Contents. However, that PDF would have links to items in a DEVONthink database, not to external resources. Without DEVONthink To Go on the mobile device, there wouldn’t be much utility to it.

DT Utility never ceases to amaze me - I’m always finding little things that it can do.

I realize that development would have to assess, but it would be nice if DT could make a TOC that it stuck at the beginning of the exported PDF document and would link to the beginning of each DT File that was included in the export. :slight_smile:

DT Utility never ceases to amaze me - I’m always finding little things that it can do.

With over 22,000 hours in DEVONthink, I still learn new things it can do or I can do with it. True story.

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Both Data > Merge and File > Export > as PDF document… add a table of contents (e.g. visible in Tools > Inspectors > Contents > Table of Contents in DEVONthink or in the sidebar of Preview) to the PDF.

Thanks Christian, I see the TOC in the inspector. What I was looking for was a TOC page added to the beginning of the generated PDF that has the links to go to the various pages.