Export (on import) all PDF files

Is there a way to have DevonThink Pro automatically export PDF files after they have been imported into the database?

We syncing the database with a WebDav folder between a few instances of DevonThink but have one Linux workstation that needs access to the files. Right now, we just go in every once in a while and manually export the PDF files to a shared folder.

Any way to automate this in DevonThink?

Have you considered indexing folders on a server? Put the PDF files there and a DT station indexes the folder. The Linux station can still access the files on the server.

Or… periodically (using a smart folder to round up PDF files) export them from the smart folder.

pvonk’s suggestions are spot-on. There is no automatic function for this (though we are considering some enhancements for future releases of DEVONthink).