Export only imported items?

My databases have both items imported directly, and indexed items. The indexed items are mostly in Dropbox.

I would like to Export the files in the database, but I only need to export the imported files that are directly in the database. I don’t need to export the indexed files, creating unnecessary duplicates. Is that how it works? Does it export everything or just the imported files? Is there a way to choose?


It exports whatever you choose.

Make a new Smart Group (See Data > New > Smart Group) in the database with criteria of: Instance is Indexed. You can select the contents of the Smart Group and use File > Export > Files and Folders.

Er … I think you would want Instance is not indexed if you want to skip the indexed files.

When you export the smart group, avoid exporting Tags or any group that has the tag icon, otherwise you’ll get a lot of duplicates since Export turns replicants into originals and the content of Tags are replicants.

Thanks! Right, instance not indexed. I learn something new about this program every day.

What do I use for the “Name” that I am searching so that it gets everything?

Edit: Oh, I see, Name is the name of the SmartGroup. It doesn’t seem to be showing up or saving.

Edit again: I think I got it thanks.

Sorry, I didn’t double-check myself before submitting.