Export to Devon Think and sort into different databases


I’m trying to find a way to solve the following issues:

I’m running multiple searches during the night with DA on different projects. All results are exported as PDF and send to Devonthink.

I the morning everything is in the inbox of Devonthink, but I do not (easily) see which results are coming from which project related search.
This is important for me as I want to sort/move the results in to different databases in DT.

Is there any way to i.e. tag the results so that I see from which searches they are coming? Or any other idea?

Thanks for your feedback!


One possibility might be to add the results to DEVONthink by using the “File results to DEVONthink” action script. This will create groups for each search set/query in the global inbox but you would have to convert the results to PDF documents on your own (e.g. via the “Convert URLs to PDFs” script, see DEVONthink Pro > Scripts > More Scripts…). However, the next maintenance release of DEVONagent Pro will add a comment to the results added to DEVONthink.


– Did this ever happen? I have a similar need to be able to file away the night’s searches into different DevonThink databases. If it has been added, I can’t find it.

I have put a comment in the Search Set’s comment section, but I don’t see that come up in the Comment column in DevonAgent, for example.



The comment is added in DEVONthink, not DEVONagent and it would be a Spotlight Comment, not a Comment. (For the distcintion, see: blog.devontechnologies.com/2016/ … seful-for/)