export to iPod notes

I’d like to export a large number of rtf documents to my ipod nano as plaintext notes, and have successfully done this with DT before. This time, however, when I select multiple docs and use the File>Export>to iPod… command, only a few of them get exported.

The problem seems to be that the export process continues up until a document needs to be split into multiple notes. After DT does this, no more docs are exported. As the splitting limit for ipod notes is so tiny, this means it’s going to be impractical to export the whole lot.

Any suggestions?

Take a look at Notebooks (note final ‘s’) for your iPod. It can handle text notes of any size, and lots of other things as well. It also handles Import, Export, and Sync of text files with your Mac.

I’m a well-satisfied user.

itunes.apple.com/us/app/notebook … 71751?mt=8

Looks nice! But as I say, I just have a nano so can’t use fancy-schmancy apps, much as I’d like to.