Export to Website: some formatting lost

Dear DTP users and authors,

I’ve noticed that super/subscripts, tab stop positions and line breaks are lost when an RTF file is saved as HTML using DTP’s “Export to website…” function. Is there some way to preserve these formatting elements? Of course, one can use export to RTF, then open the file in TextEdit or similar and export as HTML from there, but for a large database that seems rather tedious.

I couldn’t find a similar topic in the forum. Sorry if it was discussed before.

Authors - great job! Thanks! Cheers! :wink:

Those formattings aren’t supported right now. Just send an example document to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com and I’ll have a look this.

V2 will at least support superscript and subscript but no tabs. You could already use tables instead.

Thanks! Maybe, in future releases tab stops could eventually be replaced by a bunch of   entities… Cheers! :wink: