Export to Website without converting files?

I notice that DevonThink insists on converting Word files and the like to HTML files when the Export to Website option is used. Is there any way to tell DevonThink not to do any file conversion when exporting as a website?

What would you like the Word file to be sent to a website as?

As-is, unconverted, in its native format:

I’m not following. You just want a link to the Word file on the site’s web page?

Correct me if I am wrong but does a word have to be converted if you want it to appear on a website?

On a regulator web page, HTML defines the appearance of what’s displayed by the browser. For example, you can’t put an Excel spreadsheet as a web page. Browsers don’t interpret that, the spreadsheet must be translated into a table or other HTML code for the browser to interpret. Same for a PDF file. You usually put a link to it in the HTML and when activated by the browser, a plugin is needed to present the PDF in the browser window.

That is exactly as I thought, so like you I do not understand what the OP is asking!

My need would be to export the structure of the folder with the non HTML files eg word to be left alone. There would just be a link but no conversion for the file.

This would be similar to the export to disk feature of circus ponies notebook.

On a web page (which is in HTML format) you can have links to other files residing somewhere in the website (these files could be stored in folders any way you want).

However, when the user clicks on the link, what do you want to happen? If it’s to download, then the thing to do is zip the files, otherwise they may not download (it depends on the client browser and how things are set up). If you want the user to click on a link and then have the file displayed, then you need to have the file converted to PDF, otherwise the user won’t be able to view the file, if it’s not in a format recognized by the browser. PDF files are viewable on modern browsers.

There are a lot of variables involved here, and I wouldn’t expect DevonThink to know how to do it. That’s why a webmeister relies on web tools, like Dreamweaver or some CMS system.

I do use Circus Ponies Notebook for creating in-class lectures and I export them to hierarchical folders. Then I use Dreamweaver to publish them in a larger context website. But Notebook converts pages to a combination of html and image files. When I cut and paste a Word file into a notebook page, it converts to text during a paste. Thus the text ends up embedded in html code. But I’m the one doing that (c&p) not notebook.

The web is full of links to files with types not supported by browser plugins that can be downloaded in their native format, without being zipped or converted, for handling with non-browser apps.

AFAIK CPN documents can support links to files it doesn’t directly support/convert. Cutting/pasting from a Word document is different than a link reference.

No disrespect intended but maybe you’re overanalyzing and overcomplicating this, ironically contradicting your forum signature? :slight_smile:

Seems you and PatrickM would like a Dt export with results between Export > Files and Folders… (too simple) and Export > As Website… (overly ambitious), or am I misunderstanding?

Well I’ve have to eat crow on this one. I want back to some of my sites, and it appears I was thinking of some other issues I used to have (programming projects). But yes, I can link to a .doc file and have it downloaded upon clicking the link.

As for CPN, yes it also does links to any file, but it doesn’t embed a file’s data as part of the html code, which is what I thought the OP meant.

Simplify, …, my new mantra is CRS disease. That’s my excuse as it applies often in my life now.

Always reminds me of my father saying it. :slight_smile:

Ahh, thanks for clarifying that.

KISS helps offset my CRS. :slight_smile:

Basically, yes. If I export a Group say, “GroupName” using Files and Folders then DT creates a folder called “GroupName” and puts all the files and sub-groups (as folders) in the “GroupName” folder. It doesn’t do any file conversion - yay! Trouble is if I make changes and then Export the same Group again it creates a new folder “GroupName-1” rather than simply merging the changes with the already exported folder. Export to a web site will do the merging of changes that export Files and Folders doesn’t do but it will convert some file types (such as Word) to HTML. What I want to be able to do is export the Group to the file system without any file conversion and if the Group already exists in the file system merge the changes rather than creating a new folder.

Content merging seems beyond what any of Dt’s Export functions are intended to do and more into the realm of synching. Maybe someone else has ideas how you can accomplish it; I’m stuck now.