export URLs as web location files?

I’ve been creating DT groups of URL links as an alternative to browser bookmarks. Recently I wanted to export one of these “bookmark groups” so my wife could open the links with her web browser, then soon remembered .dtLink files are created which limits their direct usefulness to DT.

Could “Export as webloc” or similar functionality be added so exported links can be used independently of DT? I thought about writing a “dtLink to webloc” conversion utility but being able to export the files directly would be more convenient. Or maybe I’ve missed a way to achieve this already?


I’ve got several groups of bookmarks. Yesterday, a friend asked me for my bookmarks of scientific journals on a specialized topic.

It took me about 4 minutes to email him the bookmarks (11 URLs in the group). I did it the "dummy" way – click on a bookmark, copy the URL, paste it into the email body, one by one.

I’m glad he didn’t ask me for the list of URLs in one of my larger bookmark groups! ;D

Yeah, mine was movies of interest I save as IMDb links and wanted my wife to browse before we went to the video store.  Far too many items for the “dummy” copy/paste method.   Next time I’ll just let her borrow my iBook. :slight_smile:

Anyway, from an earlier post from Christian I figured this type of export capability could be handled by an export plugin in DT 2.0, if not sooner some other way.

I second your motion.

Full “non-proprietary” exporting from DT seems consistent with Christian’s comments re: proprietary file format lock-in in this post. It’s almost complete.

Exporting non-URL links creates complete files, usable with non-DT apps. Importing them creates links in the database as long as DEVONtech_storage files exist in the imported directories. That’s all good so I was surprised when export didn’t behave similarly for URL links.

Anyone know a useful purpose for the undocumented (and grammatically confused :slight_smile:) "Ignore URLs and use always current names of contents" checkbox in the Export file browser? I normally leave it checked.

Webloc export using drag & drop will be fixed in one of the next releases (before 2.0) as we consider this to be a bug :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about this option which will probably be removed rather sooner than later - it has been useful in those days before version 1.7 when there was only a combined URL/path field available but it’s obsolete now. Just backwards compatibility for older databases.

Acknowledged.  Thanks.