"Export Webpages" action can't be loaded because not univers

Has anybody else had trouble with the Export Webpages action?

I’m on lion and tried to use Automator yesterday to make a PDF of a web page that will change daily over the next month.

The easiest way to do it was “Get Specified URL” --> “Export Webpages” --> “New Mail Message”

Every time I try to drag the Export Webpages action to the working pane, Automator jumps on an alert, "The action “Export Webpages cannot be loaded because it is not universal.”

Automator shows the action is version 1.0.1 and the version in the current DA Pro package is the same…

Any ideas how to fix?

Thanks for the bug report! I was able to reproduce this but the action is actually universal. Once again one of the many confusing error messages of Automator :slight_smile:. The next release should fix this.