export .zip from devonthink pro goes wrong


Have lots of .zip files in my DevonThink Pro (1.2) database. When I drag for example a zipped file from my database to the desktop it changes the extention name.

So ao_ibl_local_v03.zip changes into ao_ibl_local_v03.dtLink

So have to manually drag the file to stuffit expander. Can’t just double click on the file because nothing happens. Macos X 10.4.7 doesn’t reqocnise the extention .dtLink I guess.

Does anyone has a sollution?



Bob, it seems that the .zip files are not actually imported to your DT database, but only indexed, i.e., DT does not hold the actual file but only a reference to it – the .dtLink file you get when you export it.


Hello Eric,

Thanks for your response. What compression method do you advice I should use maybee stuffit? I need a complete compressed file that I can drag out off Devon Think pro so all the files are in it they way it was compressed.


Whatever compression format you want. Just make sure that the files are correctly imported. Check “Unknown files” on the Import tab to let DT import even those files it does not know of, e.g., compressed files.

Files that are only linked within DEVONthink show a zigzag arrow behind their name.


Had changed the import settings some while ago into “unknown file types”.

Tried it with .sitx and had the same problem as with the zip file.

Have the same problem with Cinema 4D files (.c4d). Have those fiels also in the database.

Not tested it good (liitle bit stupid I know), but there must be a good way? Any suggestions Eric?


ps the log files shows after importing an error “unkomwn format” strange because changed the pref settings “unknown file types” ok

Ah, you are using DEVONthink Pro 1.2, right? That’s a bug already fixed in my beta here. File > Export > As Files and Folders should work until we ship DEVONthink Pro 1.2.1.


yes and that’s good news. Will wait when the new version will be released.

Have a good weekend