Exporting a document to iCloud

I would like to export a particular document, not the whole database, to iCloud, how do I go about doing this? Thanks.

It depends of what type of file this is. For example, if a Pages doc, then get it out of DT and then into Pages and save to iCloud. There aren’t that many file types that you can say to iCloud.

Thank you, what if it is a pdf? Guess that is not possible. :frowning:

Desktop apps that work with iCloud storage are usually AppStore versions of those apps – for instance, that AppStore version of PDFPenPro can sync with it’s iOS companion via iCloud, but the non-AppStore version doesn’t. There are apps available that supposedly make iCloud appear in Finder as a folder, but I’ve haven’t tested one (and probably wouldn’t since iCloud doc management is still somewhat Apple-proprietary and thus prone to sudden and unannounced changes by Apple).

Why is iCloud needed? Why not Dropbox or it’s many wanna-be look-alikes?

Preview uses iCloud also, but you’ll only be able to access it with Preview on another Mac.

I was surprised to recently discover LaunchBar indexes the intended-to-be-hidden iCloud folder (whose specific location I’ve forgotten but a web search wouldn’t).

Indeed. I’m curious if anything iCloud-related will be publicly announced at WWDC.

I’d also suggest choosing a file-centric cloud service for stuff like this, which iCloud isn’t intended be.

Or dig into the aforementioned hidden iCloud folder to access it without Preview, but I’m sticking with Apple’s intended iCloud interfaces.

Correct, but nothing saved in Preview’s iCloud space will be available to anything on iOS, which is what I usually think when someone mentions wanting to use iCloud.

Thank you to you all for your posts. Why is it, I wonder, that I always forget that I have Dropbox? Thanks for reminding m. :slight_smile: Dropbox does indeed provide what I need better than iCloud. Cheers.

Maybe with jailbroken iOS but let’s not go there. Thanks for pointing out my response was too OS X centric.