Exporting a group with files as a template


I was wondering if DT is able to export a group with several files in it as a template.
I’m pretty sure that it’s possible, because it is already realized in the “Project” template.

Could anyone give me a little hint?

Thanks in advance!

Export your files, then move them into a folder named English.lproj and finally move English.lproj into a new folder and rename it to “.dtTemplate”. The next maintenance release will simplify this and then *.lproj subfolders will be optional.

I did as you said and put the file in the Template Folder.
But when I want to use the template nothing happens.

Does the .dtTemplate contain a subfolder English.lproj which contains the file(s)?


Well, to be precise: it does create the files, but it doesn’t create the folder containing the files.

Just add the folder you want created to the template.


Wow! That’s great!
Thanks a lot!