exporting by dragging

When I drag a note from DTP to the desktop, a file is created with the “.rtf” extension but file type “W8BN” and creator “MSWD”. This makes it impossible to import into apps expecting an RTF file, even though the file is pure RTF! On the other hand, if I choose File > Export > As Rich Text, the file is correctly exported as a .rtf file with type “TEXT”.

Why this difference in behavior? If dragging to export is supposed to behave differently, where can one specify the file type and creator?

Oops! That’s a bug in the current release version, affecting RTFs.

It will be corrected in an upcoming release, and is corrected in the beta version I’m using.

Of course, if you’ve just created the rich text document, make sure you’ve saved it before dragging it.

That’s strange as DT Pro doesn’t set the HFS type or creator on its own. Is Microsoft Word the default application for RTF documents on your system?

No. And notice that the file type “W8BN” is incompatible with the file extension “.rtf”! This seems to have been a temporary hiccup, since now dragging to the desktop produces textedit RTF files.