Exporting Database doesn't work!

Hi there,

I need to export a database, so I can use it with my Macbook, when I am on tour.
I tried to export it via File>Export>Database Archive.

There is a warning popping up, that says that the database could not be proofed (“Überprüfung der Datenbank fehlgeschlagen”)

Please, anybody who can tell me how I can get the database onto the USB-Stick, so I can import it to DTPO on my Macbook. This is urgent!

Thanks a lot! Matze

The Database Archive routine first checks the database for possible errors, and stops if it finds a problem. Which is good, as a backup that contains errors isn’t desirable.

Run Tools > Verify & Repair.

If there are errors that can’t be repaired, it’s probably time to run Tools > Rebuild Database. Afterwards, check the Log (Window > Log) for a list of files that may have been excluded. Note that you can save the Log for future reference.

(Notwithstanding Bill’s advice)

Close the database. Close DEVONthink. Navigate to the database in Finder. Copy it to your USB-stick.

Yes, but the copy will have errors. :slight_smile:

So, fix the errors, then copy the file.

Hi Bill,

verify and repair did it. Thank you. Sorry, it must have been a pretty dull question, but I never did export anything from DTPO and I just start to use it on a regular basis. Although I own for years now (from DT on)

Happy Easter! Matze

I did try this before, but it didn’t work. DT on Macbook said, that the database is in use on another computer.

Bad news.
The repair command repaired the Database, but I couldnt archive it nonetheless, so I did a rebuild. Took a while. Tried to archive the DB, same as before at the very beginning. Repaired it again, but DT couldn’t repair one fault.

I will copy the relevant data manually and import it to a new database on the Macbook. Besser als nix. :cry: