exporting database & download websites

i’m falling in love with DT… it’s amazing… :slight_smile:
i have read, for now, 160 pages of the 400 of the manual…

reading it gives the sense of its power…
definitely i’ll give it a try, using it for one database… if i’ll find it useful and customizable, then i’ll make mopre database for my topics…

2 questions:

  1. now i have my files in folders and sub-folders… if i put everything in DT, and then one day i want to export it using the option “files and folders”, how i tt creates these files and folders? following the structure of my groups? if so, it means i still have to make a “structure” as the one of the Finder, even if i can “add” more other type of files and so on… right?
  2. i tried to import websites… it’s extremely fast, amazing… however the option to “import files to database” for the websites is always gray, i mean in the menu in the download manager

edit: i found the answer for the second question… it’s a bug of the beta…


You don’t have to, it’s just a possibility but one that improves also searching & see also/classify.

thanks man!

useful… :wink:

i’ll continue to analyze the manual… DT is fabolous… :slight_smile: