Exporting database to new external harddrive


I have an extensive database which is stored on an external hard drive. Files are indexed and then OCR within DT when required.

I have to change of external disk (as it gets too small and too slow) but copying the DT files and folders (i.e. making a perfect image of the initial disk on the new one) does not work properly. In particular, the synchronising function is lost. I have also tried using the same name for the two disks, without success. :frowning:

Please help as I do not se myself going again through the OCR process one more time ! Thanks in advance.


It’s possible DTPO isn’t finding indexed files because the pathname to them on the new volume is different than on the old volume. You might be able to fix that simply by renaming the new volume to the old volume name, though if I were doing that I’d first rename the old volume to something unique to avoid any future /Volume/Name, /Volume/Name 1, /Volume 2, etc. auto-naming identity confusion. When possible, it’s a good idea to quit apps with open files on a volume before renaming it. And restarting the system right afterward is probably smart, especially if renaming the boot volume.

Foo - I missed this before typing the above:

Definitely try renaming the original volume to something unique. If it’s still using /Volume/Name the new volume would use /Volume/Name 1 (or later) instead of /Volume/Name.

Using unique volume names is generally recommended, especially when apps have absolute pathnames dependencies (e.g. like DT’s indexed files).