Exporting DevonThink List of Groups to separate Mac folder

I can’t do it! Every time I try (including exporting to 15gb iPod with no music files on it), DevonThink gives up about halfway through. There are about 14,000 items.

Any ideas? Please.

How did you export the “list of groups”? Via Scripts > Export > Listing…? Or did you mean “export a bunch of groups”? Then please check if anything has been logged to the system console - thank you!

I’m very ashamed at posting before checking fully. Last night I found that I’d accidentally copied some “User” files to DevonThink. Only about 6Gb (!). That would explain why I could only get halfway through backing up/copying files.

Anyway, despite the massive amount of data, DevonThink was running - admittedly a little slow - the whole time that I’d overloaded it. What an amazing piece of software! And now it’s back to full speed.

Sorry for wasting your time, cgrunenberg. I’ve never, ever, used an emoticon in my life, but I think this is the one time I’ll do so :blush: