Exporting Devonthink tags (only the tags) to Evernote

Hi – When I work in Evernote on my iPad, I’d like to be able to access all the tags I’ve already established in DT, so that when I import my Evernote notes into DT they are correctly tagged. Is there a way to get my (many) DT tags into Evernote? And if so, how would I update those Evernote tags periodically as I add new tags in DT? (I assume there’s no way to actually “sync” tags across the platforms).
I’m also willing to use DT To Go on my iPad instead of Evernote, if there’s a way to get my tags into it. (My DT files are too big to actually do a full download of them into DT To Go – I only use the iPad to add new notes, not to look at my DT database otherwise.)
Thanks, Blake

You would need to start with the Evernote support and/or manual and/or forum and determine if there is a way to import tags to Evernote. The export part from DEVONthink is simple as long as the first question is answered.

Sync tags to DTTG occurs when documents are synced. Preloading tags is not a feature.

Thanks, as usual, Korm. Can you tell me how the export side, for tags only from DT, would work? Then I’ll look into the import side w Evernote.

Not knowing the Evernote side (i.e., what format it would import – if it could import), I’m guessing that a plain text list of the tags would do it. It’s easy to grab a list by selecting all the tags in the Tags group, copy (command-c) and then pasting this into a new text file.

Just experimented a bit with Evernote. If you make the list like above and add a comma to the end of each tag, then you can copy that comma-appended list and paste it (or some subset of it) into the tag field of a note in Evernote. Creates tags like a champ. A few minutes of mindless comma typing and then Voilà - done!

Of course! That makes sense.
Only issue then would be figuring out what to do to update the tags in Evernote. I’ll have to see if it allows duplicates – if it automatically eliminates them, I could just recopy the ENTIRE list into Evernote now and then… (Or do you know if there’s a way to see my DT tags in the order in which they were added? If so, I could just keep track of when I copied them to Evernote, and occasionally copy the newest ones.)


Evernote ignores duplicate tags, but remember that “Egg” and “egg” are not duplicates. So doing the whole copy-paste job when you have tag updates would result in existing tags being ignored and new tags being added. You’d have to manually remove unused tags.

Just tried it. Worked perfectly. So now I can create Evernote notes with tags fr DT, and then import them correctly tagged into DT. (I assume I will not be doing such things once DT To Go 2.0 finally arrives, and has more seamless, Evernote-like functionality…)

I’m not sure anyone actually promised that …