Exporting emails from DTPro

Hi. I have imported all the emails related to a specific task into DT - from MS Outlook. In the overview window, I choose to see The Subject line, The Created Date and the URL. Is there a way I can export this information as CSV or something alike for further import into a spreadsheet?
My goal by doing this is - for each of the emails - to be able to assign a task and a number for time spent on an activity related to each specific email. And later calculate time spent per task in total. This is most easily done in a spreadsheet (I think).
Any suggestion of how to du this will be deeply appreciated.

Though it’s not configurable, have you checked out Tools > Create Metadata Overview? This creates a DEVONthink sheet (a .TSV file) that should be openable in Excel (and maybe Numbers, but that’s a pale imitation of Excel).

You’re star! Absolutely perfect :smiley:

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Thanks! :slight_smile: