Exporting Entries to a different Devon database

I just started using DevonThink and probably got off on the wrong foot. I created 8 databases for certain topics/notes. I now find that I want some of the notes that I’ve entered in one database to be in one of the other databases, instead. Is there an easy way to send or export (move) notes from one Devon database to another?

Any help or suggestions will be very appreciated.


just use the menu command file - export / import - files and folders. Export creates the files with meta data in the file devonstorage, import imports files and metadata.



You might want to re-think using 8 databases and just have 8 main folders in a single database. You may confine your searches to one or more of them (via Search In Selection), and you may search ALL of them from time to time, plus use the AI features (See More, Classify, Concordance…) which will bring up new data pairings and connections, especially as the database grows.

To experiment without losing data, export each of your databases as Files and Folders. Then create a new database and import the F and F sets, each as a folder with the old database names. Set the new DB as default (Database Properties). Try working with them in this new configuration for a while. If that’s not helpful, close out the new DB and go back to your old 8-database configuration.


Thank you both very much. Each suggestion helps enormously, and underscores that I need to better understand Devon before I can use it effectively. I’m also encouraged about its potential value to me.

I am just using the demo version at the moment as I am comparing DEVONthink and Mori. Each has their own advantages, however am I right in that if I want to create more than one database I have to pay double the price (more than triple the price of Mori)? This seems pretty excessive and may be the factor that tips the balance in Mori’s favour.

I don’t see why you should pay extra in order to have more than one database. I have 6 of them and I purchased one license :wink:

I meant that the Pro version costs twice as much as the personal version. According to devon-technologies.com/produ … rison.html multiple databases are only available in the Pro version. I also have not been able to figure out how to do it using the demo version but am hoping that I’m just missing something.

To create another database just select File > New Database. You will then be prompted for the name of the database and the location to which it is to be saved.

Switching between databases is easy. Just use File > Open or File > Open Recent, or (in the Finder) double-click on a different database. The database that is currently open will be closed and the new one loaded. Currently only one database can be open at a time. Multiple concurrent databases are planned for the future release of DT Pro 2.0.

One of your databases should be designated as default (using File > Database Properties) so that a database will always be available to accept information triggered by another application or by a script.

I maintain several databases that reflect different interests or types of information. My main database has a primary focus on environmental science and technology and related regulatory and policy matters. It contains about 20 thousand documents and about 20 million total words. Some documents are little “snippets” while others are book-length PDFs. Other databases cover essentially unrelated topics, such as financial records, a large collection of information on the Apple Newton, etc.

The artificial intelligence features of DT Pro are especially useful in researching document collections. And DT Pro is among the most scriptable of Mac applications, with a number of supplied scripts as well as others posted by the very active user community.

Oops I misunderstood your post :confused:

I can’t but help shaking my head when people compare DEVONthink to Mori (or Yojimbo or … fill in whatever else you’re thinking is like DEVONthink). But I can’t find a good analogy. They all feel so contrived and, honestly, lame.

I own and use Mori, as do many people on this forum. I use it along side and in addition to DEVONthink. Because one of them (Mori) is a handy and convenient notebook where I can store and organize things that I think about. I can create lots of little notebooks for small projects, or use a large one for “life” stuff. People even implement GTD in Mori. And, honestly, DEVONthink could be used for that purpose, but that’s kinda missing the point of DT.

There’s a reason why DEVONthink costs more, and it sure as heck ain’t the lovely interface (rolls eyes). Where Mori is a notebook where I can organize, DEVONthink is a database that uses some magic intelligence to help me discover relationships. It has taken me a year or more to really grok it, but now DEVONthink is, literally, a research assistant. Like having my own grad student review materials and just put the good ones on my desk, already catalogued. It is as if they’re not just catalogued, but also added to a freakishly complex and complete annotated bibliography, cross referenced and categorized. Automatically.

And I’m a humanities guy. I’m not used to really having my computer do much more than exactly what I tell it. But DEVONthink actually has my computer working to do stuff for me automatically that I couldn’t do alone. That rocks. (To be fair, this magic power does require some faithful maintenance on my part. But hot dang it’s worth it.)

So, I really like Mori. If you’re looking for just a notebook app, it’s probably the way to go. It’s cheaper, has a nicer interface, and you’ll be helping out a great little company. But DEVONthink might be the super-helpful tool that you didn’t even know you needed.

Sorry for the thread hijack and the long fanboy like rant. I just get tired of people who just don’t get what DEVONthink is all about. (Which should send a message to the DEVONtechnologies crew: maybe you should consider making your interface and documentation better reflect your unique value prop?) OK, I’m shutting up now, and going to bed.

Thanks for that, its good to here from someone who has used both, you have definitely given me some things to think about. However, I was wondering if you would elaborate on how you use DEVONthink differently from Mori.