Exporting Files

I need to export a folder from DTPO to share with colleagues. The folder contains many subfolders and one or two MS Word or pdf files in each subfolder, so overall it is not a big file. I thought that just dragging the main folder onto my desktop and then into my flash drive will work, but some documents did not transfer.

I tried today to use the export option from DTPO for a test folder (File > Export > Files and Folders), but that option creates a DEVONtech_storage file in each folder. How can I avoid this? Also I am not sure what will happen if I delete them, but I certainly do not want these file showing there.

What would be the best option to export these files?

The second option is the best (though, without more info, I’m uncertain why some files didn’t drag and drop out).

The DEVONtech_storage files can be removed with no ill effect. They’re exported in case you want to import them into DEVONthink again.