Exporting images, tags, etc

I’m playing with DEVONthink and have a question: assume that I have notes that contain images, text (in other words: rich text), and tags.

Is there some way to export these notes into some format that retains this data and that can be read by other apps.

There are no proprietary, DEVONthink-only, file formats used in DEVONthink, meaning all documents created in the database are one of those formats you see when you look at Data > New. Export your rich text document - or drag it out of the database and into Finder - and it will be RTF, including your images, text, and tags.

A tip: in 3-pane view, or list view, add the “Kind” column to the panel that lists documents and you’ll see the file format that each document in the database has.

If I drag out a RTF entry, where does the tag info end up? I can find that in the exported file.

The tags for exported documents are in the OpenMeta format and are available to other applications that support OpenMeta, including Spotlight searches.

Here is more information about what OpenMeta does than you’ll want to know. :wink: