Exporting-importing from one DTP database to another

I would like to be able to export-import portions of a DTP database to another DTP database; one can do this sort of operation in FileMaker, for example.

The immediate case in point is a database of news containing mostly items from various newspaper websites that have been copied from DevonAgent to DevonThinkPro by using script “add page to DevonThink”. Now I have decided that I would like to have the news folder (or “group”) Technology-Science in another database on computing. I have tried the various export and import commands in DTP. The only ones that more or less work for my purposes are export as “website” and as “OPML”. I can them import these exported files and the structure is more or less as it was in the original DTP-DB. More or less, but not exactly: the urls are missing, or the original website images are missing. The copies are functional, but I would like an exact duplication.

On a different tack: what are the relative advantages/disadvantages of the following similar commands/scripts regarding the copying of a given website page from DA to a DTP-DB: “add page to DT”; for “printable version” of a web page: “add page to DT”; “add selection to DT”; “add text to DT”; Services/DevonThink/Take plain-rich note".

Sure. That’s built in to DT Pro.

Why not use the export command that’s intended for that purpose?

First, in the Finder, create a target folder to receive the exported groups and documents.

Next, in DT Pro select the groups and/or documents that you wish to transfer to a different database and select File > Export > Files & Folders. Choose that target group as the destination.

Now, in DT Pro, switch to the database that is to receive the transferred material. Select File > Import > Files & Folders. Navigate to that target folder in the Finder and select all of the contents. Note the emphasis on ALL files; DT Pro has created its own special file that contains metadata about the exported material, such as URLs, comments, etc.

Presto! The open database holds the transferred material. Note that Web pages list the source URL in the Info panel.

For cleanup, revert back to the original database and select and delete the transferred material if you don’t wish to keep it in that database. And in the Finder, delete the temporary target folder.

Those are pretty well described in the user documentation and in online help.

Personally, I do most of my captures from browsed Web pages as rich text captures of selected text/images. The advantage is that I avoid putting extraneous material such as ads in my database, yet the images that I selected are viewable even when offline.

DEVONagent has very convenient contextual menu options for capturing information to the DT Pro database. There are similar contextual menu options in DT Pro’s browser.

Thanks very much for the information, and the swift reply. I was able to get the “export” command to work according to wishes. Yet I must admit that I did not find the user’s guide as helpful as you imply; perhaps I did not read it carefully, or simply thought in different concepts.