Exporting Pages document to .pdf in DT

Apple’s crippling of the Share menu has made a workload I use regularly much more difficult. I regularly have to amend documents with he same name (such & such a meeting - agenda) which I do in Pages and archive the completed version into DT as a .pdf. I then reuse the document name for next month’s version. It used to be really easy to move the document using the share menu with all tags etc intact. This no longer works with Ventura, much to my frustration.
Can anyone help me with a script (which I may add to a shortcut) which will replicate the functionality of the pre-Ventura sharing option in allowing me to export a copy of the current Pages document into DT as a .pdf?

Just curious as why the conversion to .pdf format
My .pages documents are archived in DT with no format change

That’s what I have always done. I don’t want to edit them once archived.

Why are (were) you using the Share menu instead of just printing the Pages document to DEVONthink as a PDF?

Because that strips all the tags from the document & I have to re-enter them in DT.