Exporting /saving smart rules does not work?

Good Afternoon,
Proud to have made my first smart rules running properly, I tried to save/ export them. When right clicking on the rule and clicking on export there appears a small rotating rainbow colored wheel, which hooks up after some seconds before it finally appears. As expected, a location, where to save/export the rule is not shown. What am I down wrong?
Any help is appreciated
With kind regards

That is almost 100% stalling in the Finder and not something we control.

  • Are you using a lot of tags in DEVONthink?
  • RSS feeds?
  • Are you using a lot of tags in DEVONthink? No.
  • RSS feeds? No.
    What should I do to save my rules? Create a Folder in the Finder?
  • Where are you trying to export them?
  • What is reported in Window > Log?