Exporting Sheets as CSVs?

That is unfortunate!

  • In what way would you need to use the file?
  • And what bearing does the operating system have on this?


I need to provide the file sometimes to clients to fill in some records on Windows or Mac and return it to me via email.
They use Excel for editing those files.

Yes, you are right maybe the OS is not so much relevant.



Thanks for the clarification!

So the issue isn’t that the Excel file will not work but your concerned it might confuse the client. Is that correct?

As said, it is a matter related to user experience.

Yes, if we simply provide the file to the Client it breaks the script they use to process the file.
As well, when opened looks quite unprofessional for a non technical user :slight_smile:

That is helpful info. So you have parameters that would be affected by this data types in the headers. Good to know.

How about this…

  1. Create a new Excel file.
  2. Drag and drop the sheet from DEVONthink into the Excel file.

Here’s an example…

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That’s strange but when I do that, I get the same result as before:

Just curious … is there a reason why you need to use DEVONthink sheet, rather than just relying totally on an Excel file that you import or index in DEVONthink?

Yes, good question.

I was typically using Excel and Numbers but as I do not use the super complex features of those two, I tried to get more ‘DEVONthink based’ :slight_smile: - to spend more time in the DEVONthink environment without switching context to another app.

But this proves to be with its own challenges :octopus:

Well … if client wants Excel … give them Excel… I perceive (without talking it down) is that sheets in DEVONthink are just tabular views of information and they give you a way to get the data out. I recommend not over-doing it and messing around with CSV files and all that, and stick with an Excel file that meets your client’s interest. But I’m guessing you know that. Saves everyone, esp. you, a lot of time.

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They do not have a special requirement on Excel, they can use csv or any other character delimited format (TAB delimited not so much as it may interfere with the values they are trying to insert), too. Their program would prefer a CSV.

Well … as much as I exploit DEVONthink, I don’t think it’s capabilities on the sheet area are matching your needs. Excel excels with working with data, including CSVs and Numbers probably does also. Or if the data is not huge, just use your own TXT file in DEVONthink that has a delimiter that the client accepts.

Changing tabs in a file to comma/semicolon/any other character is a one line shell script. If they’re feeding the files to a program anyway, that’s just one more step that can happen unnoticed. At the same time they could remove the “#…” parts in the first line. No biggie.
If they can’t do it, you could before sending the file out to them.

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Does your client work with the data or just need to view it? In the second case converting the sheet to PDF, HTML or RTF might be an option.

I know. And that is what I said from the start: this is a user experience matter as it adds an extra manual step to the flow

It does not if one wraps it in a script (for example) that does the conversion etc.

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