Exporting Smart Groups

Trying to duplicate my smart groups and smart rules on a second computer. I can export smart rules and drag them into my 2nd computer no problem. I can export smart groups but they become smart rules (dtSmartRule extension). They can be added to the 2nd computer but they are smart rules and grouped with the other Smart Rules. How do I get them into the Smart Groups?
Thanks in advance.

Exporting a global smart group should definitely create a .dtSmartGroup file (just checked this successfully). Could you please post a screenshot of the smart group?

Interesting. When I couldn’t export the smart groups successfully, I just recreated one of my smart groups on my new computer. I tried to export this smart group on the new computer and it successfully exported as a .dtSmartGroup file. I went back to the ‘old’ computer and tried to export several of the smart groups and they all are exported as .dtSmartRule files. Both computers are on MacOS 10.15.2 and DT 3.0.3

All good now. I quit DT and restarted. Now all my smart groups export as .dtSmartGroup files. ???

This is indeed weird. Are you able to reproduce the issue?

No. Since I restarted DT it is working as expected. Can’t make it happen on my other computer.