Exporting to Bookends - Choose Destination Folder


Is it possible to choose the destination folder when exporting to bookends? I’m thinking of dividing my bookends attachments into two folders (primary and secondary sources). However, when I use the export to bookends script, it only exports to the original folder.

I would be grateful if anyone might have a quick fix for this. I’m new to scripting, so I’ll admit that any potential solution might be over my head.


While it is theoretically possible, the larger question is: Will Bookends support multiple attachment folders?

Yes, bookends can support multiple attachment folders. I have found a work-around, so if this would require scripting on my part I’ll just use that.

Yes, a modification to the script would be required in order to support exporting to more than one location.

Why do you need to move docs to BE? Isn’t it better to have them in DT and just copy link to it to see it in BE as an attachment?

What do you mean by copy link to it?

If you show BE the DT path of your file, it’ll use it from there as attachment for this publication. No moving docs from one place to another - just a link, like:

tell application "Bookends" to set attachments of thePub to thePath