Exporting to web site

I have a database with a bunch of groups. If I go to one of the groups and select all the subgroups, I can export it to a website (local folder) as expected.

If I select all the subgroups in another top level group, it doesn’t create a top-level index.html but does create index.html in subfolders corresponding to subgroups.

If I have a group of smart groups, then there are dead links in the output. The files are all there in the database.

I’ve rebuilt the database, verified it, and run the verify and optimize script on it.

The database has about 7500 items in it, many of which are PDF files, and 2400 tags.

I would share the database, but I can’t. It’s got proprietary information in it that would take forever to get permission to share.

Any thoughts on what I should look for to solve the mystery? DT itself shows no symptoms of misbehavior. I believe there is something about replicants or duplicates that is confusing the html export.

Or not - that’s just a wild guess.

Any suggestions appreciated.

I’m still having trouble exporting a large database (~5300 files, mostly pdf) to website format.

It doesn’t create, for example, the top-level index.html file.

If I export a smaller database to website format, it works, using the same options and method.

I’ve rebuilt the large database. Is there anything else I should look at?


Does it create any index file, e.g. in subfolders?

I think I fixed it, but here’s some details to close the loop.

Here’s what I noted prior to fixing the issue:

Yes, it creates index.html in the subdirectories it successfully creates but not in the export root.

The export terminates, mid-process, without error or log entry. It does not export all the top-level groups from my selection in DT.

I have been trying to binary walk my way to the file(s) causing trouble, but haven’t quite pinned it down.

I’ve discovered a group named Archive will fail to completely export if I don’t I remove the 2019 tree. I have a suspicion the export is failing on new-style annotations, where the annotation is outside the group the host file is in, or maybe where there is a mix of new and old style annotations.

If I create a new, small, database with new-style annotations, it exports to web site without trouble.

Curiously, if I select the 5200 items I want the export to website will fail. If I select the same items and duplicate them to a new, empty, database, the new database will export to website without error, as far as I know.

My source database was created long ago, before the new style annotations.

It is very unscientific of me to mention annotations at this point, but I would not be surprised if that turns out to be the answer.

It’s encouraging that even though verify and repair won’t solve the problem, an export to a freshly created database appears to be a workaround.

And, the fix:

I had done “verify and repair” but not “optimize” on the database.

I wrote a database archive, hopefully complete, and then optimized the database. Now it exports without error and appears to be a complete export.


Thanks for the time you took to reply, and apologies for not self-rescuing a little quicker.

DT, by the way, is truly cool. It doesn’t have a Flash Gordon look, but that’s probably one of its strengths. It’s a Swiss Army Knife for information.

This shouldn’t cause any issues actually. Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com - maybe the logs will contain any useful hints. Thanks!

Email sent, and the problem is back. I’ve also tried to export other databases that I’ve had for a while. I can export a new database, and I think I can always export a database created by selecting everything in one database and duplicating them to a new database.

Most odd.