exporting URL's in a set

Is there a simple way to export URL’s from a set? I tried to drag and drop into URL Manager Pro but that didn’t work, tried dropping them onto the desktop and that didn’t work either.


URLMP has several ways to import bookmarks.

Drag-and-drop from a web page works for individual URLs.
To gather a set from a web page, e-mail, or file, use the File: Grab All command.
To import browser bookmarks, use the File: Get from Browser command.

To gather a set from a Devon product, export the folder/s.
Create a new folder in URLMP and drag in the .webloc files
That works either one at a time or enmasse, via Shift or Cmd-Select.

howarth, thanks for the tip but i am still unclear how to do this. I am in the “edit sets” window and have my set with its 50 or so URL’s. I can’t just drag and drop them as far as I can tell, and the only method of export is a .agentSet file. This is not readable by UMPro. How do I export my set as webloc?

I’m confused by the word “set” – do you mean a folder or group of bookmarks in DT Pro or D Agent?

In either case, choose the Export command and then either the option Files and Folders (DTP) or HTML (DA).

That will give you either .webloc (DTP) or .html (DA) files, which you may then drag into URLMP.

Sorry if I’m being dense, but I don’t see an “edit sets” window in the software we’re discussing.

That’s okay, I think we are both being dense :slight_smile:

Tools>edit search sets…

This is the only place in DA I see where the URL’s for a search set are listed. This is where I’m trying to export them from.


Ahhhh…OK, I now see what you mean. If I export a search set, I get a file called “Macintosh News.agentSet”. To see its contents, I dragged that file to TextEdit.

You might be able to write a script to strip out the lines that begin “http://…” because that’s what URLMP needs to see. But you may also just select those http strings and drag them to a URLMP window, where they appear as “Untitled” items – retitle each label, and you have working links.

An easier way to export bookmarks from DA is to save search results as groups in the Archive. I have one on “Cognitive Geography” for example, a group of 16 items. Those export as html and URLMP accepts them as labeled links, in folders.

Hope this helps.

Thankyou, this is very helpful.

Howarth, here is a new, perhaps trickier question. I prefer your method to mine because the archive has the title of the link, not just the URL, which is all around better, especially for UMP. But, I have a ton of links in a search set already. Is there any way to add all the links of my search set directly to the archive? Then I can export them with the title to UMP the way you described.

p.s. would you still use UMP when DA is finally able to edit bookmarks?

Another way to pull your search sets from DA to UMP is to Edit Search Sites and click on the Sites button. That shows http links that you may drag to a UMP window. However, you still have to re-label each one in UMP.

I tried moving a search set to the Archive, but it doesn’t work. Maybe a brighter bulb out there can come up with a solution to your query.

Yes, I’ll continue to use UMP. It helps me synchronize bookmarks between browsers, and I use it to arrange bookmarks and publish them as web pages. If DA eventually has bookmarks, I’d use UMP for the same tasks.

The next maintenance release of DA will support copying/pasting or dragging&dropping multiple URLs from the download manager or from search sets to DEVONthink, DEVONnote and to Safari’s bookmark manager.

If it’s possible to drag&drop multiple URLs from Safari’s bookmarks manager to URL Manager Pro (I don’t know right now), then it should be also possible to drag&drop from search sets to URL Manager Pro.

Yes, that works at present. And if DA eventually has a bookmark manager, UMP should be able to import-export bookmarks with DA, as it does with other browsers.

I am trying to drop URL’s from URL manager Pro into a search set, but DA only pastes the last URL in the list dragged over.

The only (more or less) official drag & drop data type of Mac OS X for multiple URLs is the one introduced by Safari’s bookmark manager. DEVONagent/think/note support & accept this type but probably URL Manager Pro does not yet support this.

Okay. Thanks Christian. Another question. I exported a search set as a .searchset. I then changed the extension to .html so that UMP could grab the links from it. I noticed then that the .agentset had a couple hundred more URL’s (basically the URL page from which I grabbed a link). Is this just a special part of that type of file? When the update comes out and exporting features are added, will this still be a problem? It seems odd to me, because all of those extra URL’s in the .agentset do not appear in my URL list for my search set.

.agentSet files are (at least at the moment) .plist files - just change the extension to .plist and open the file in Apple’s Property List Editor for example to view the contents. But it’s not an HTML file.

The “extra” URLs are probably internal referrers - some servers refuse a connection if the referrer is not correct and therefore DA stores the URL of the page containing the link too.

Okay so as far as I can tell, there is no way to bring URL’s from UMP to a search set. UMP can export URL’s in .html, XML, or tab-delimited. In the import section for a searchset, it is bookmarks, OPML, or a set. Any other ways I am missing?

Is is possible to drag&drop (or copy/paste) multiple URLs from UMP to Safari’s bookmarks manager?

The drag&drop does not work in Safari’s bookmark manager, but copy&paste does. Both of these methods do not work in DA when I am in a search set, and in the “sites” tab.


  1. You are right about that. You can go Search Set --> UMP but not reverse.
  2. Yes, this works. Both Safari --> UMP and UMP --> Safari.
  3. In all these instances, the URLs copy but not their labels.
  4. However, UMP will “grab” all of the Safari bookmarks, and they appear with labels, in their folders. And UMP will “save to” Safari. It does both for 10 other browsers, making it an effective way to synch different bookmark sets.

The next releases of DA and URL Manager Pro should be more compatible to each other.